Le seconde generazioni in Grecia

Per molti aspetti vivono le stesse difficoltà dei figli di immigrati qui in Italia, per altri aspetti la loro condizione è perfino peggiore…

Greece: the price of integration
“EUROPE: The EU’s new immigration pact is supposed to promote integration. But there is little sign of progress. Each country follows its own rules. In Greece, second-generation immigrants don’t have any more rights than those born elsewhere.”
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Greece’s immigrant children fight for citizenship
Europe has long been a destination for immigrants searching for a better life. For the children of those who moved to Greece, a European lifestyle is all they’ve ever known. But it’s not enough to grant them citizenship, as Nicole Itano reports.”
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Second Generation trailer
“This film is about the second-generation immigrants in Greece. Though born in Greece or having immigrated with their family at an early age, attended the Greek school and have been raised like every other Greek child, this social group is severely discriminated by the law. They are actually ghost Greek citizens not legally registered, and without the right to vote. After reaching the age of eighteen years old, the state asks obliges them to apply for a residence permit. By not submitting the required papers they are automatically considered illegal and logically are expected to move in their country of origin, a country that in most of the cases, they have never visited.
The given situation is almost unknown to the largest part of the Greek society while the second generation immigrants are daily struggling for their right to belong somewhere and live normally lead a normal life in the country.”

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